Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I can't say enough great things about this guy. I met Chris several months ago when I decided that I was looking to buy a home in Oak Park. I requested information about a condo and Chris called me back promptly. I had requested info from other realtors in the past and they seemed short and  straight to the "when and where" of meeting when we spoke. Chris was different. When he learned that I was looking to buy in Oak Park, he told me that he grew up there and provided me with history of the area. We chatted for about 15 minutes and I really got the sense that he cared about knowing what I was looking for in a place so I agreed to meet. He also had no problem meeting on Sunday because that was my only day off. When Chris and I met, he had a detailed itinerary of every place I told him I wanted to see and he drove me to each location since I didn't have a car. He went above and beyond many times but one example was in our first meeting when he gave me a tour of Oak Park and the surrounding area after we were done looking at apartments for the day. Over the course of the next several Sunday's, Chris and I met up to look at different condos. Ironically, I wound up purchasing the first home I viewed but Chris and I must have looked at 20+ units before I decided to submit an offer. He had the patience of a Saint when we searched and when I believed something was out of my price range, he told me he wouldn't be happy if I bought a place that I felt I couldn't afford. That alone speaks volumes as to the kind of man Chris Garvey is. Especially in a commission based business. Knowing that I ultimately wanted the first condo I viewed, I consulted with Chris and decided to make an offer. Chris negotiated back and forth with the listing agent and after some time, he called me on the phone and said "congratulations you bought yourself a condo." I was elated and still am. Chris even drove me to the closing and to the condo's association meeting which I had to attend. Meeting Chris was a blessing and I firmly believe that I got such a great deal because he was on the other end of the negotiation. He even Facilitated the sale of the furniture already in the unit and I was able to walk into a fully furnished place (at a deep discount). I strongly recommend Chris Garvey to anyone looking for a knowledgeable realtor of the highest integrity who goes above and beyond what his job requires. An all around great guy.

My wife and I started looking at homes in Winter of 2015. We had a low level of urgency, and started off just wanting to explore available options in our desired area (Oak Park). Working with Chris was great early on, because he was willing to work with us as casually as we wanted at that time.   He was willing to look at homes with us whenever we wanted, and was well aware of changes in the local market that related to our preferences. It was low pressure, informative, and highly enjoyable.

In the Spring, we got more serious, and wanted to go look at houses more frequently and in a wider area--we had decided that we wanted to look in Naperville and Downers Grove as well as Oak Park. Chris was more than accommodating, and very knowledgeable of all the areas in which we were looking.

In the end, we decided that we wanted to buy a house in Naperville that needed some short-term work, and Chris was very helpful through the finance-securing process to make sure that the decision made sense for us, which we really appreciated. We would probably not be in the house we bought if not for Chris' thoughtful, informative, and low-pressure approach.

Chris has lived in, renovated, and sold many of his own homes, so his knowledge base extends beyond "basic" real estate know-how. He has a strong understanding of the true value of the homes he tours, as well as the potential issues that a buyer may run into. It was great to have his foresight working on our behalf.

Not only was Chris helpful, knowledgeable, and honest, but he was also fun to spend time with. I grew to look forward to house hunting on weekends. We could not be happier with the experience. Thanks Chris!

From the work done properly pricing our home, the actual advertising campaign, the open houses held and the final negotiations between buyer and seller; I couldn't ask for anything more. We got the price he said we would and in a reasonable amount of time: That was very important to us.

Chris is very dedicated to his clients and helped us find the perfect home~ He is very knowledgable; we appreciated his enthusiasm and understanding of Oak Park and the surrounding areas. His professionalism and attention to detail were exemplary. We would not hesitate recommending him!

Chris is fantastic! We immediately felt comfortable with Chris. He has a depth of knowledge about our community that is second-to-none. His advice about all of the homes we toured was invaluable. He truly made the home search experience enjoyable, he always called it a "home tour" which made me  smile, and he was very responsive to all of our requests. We hope to stay in touch with him for years to come, he's truly a gem. He won't lead you astray!

This was my first experience buying a home and Chris made it completely painless! I can't say enough positive things about my experience with working with Chris. He was incredibly responsive and called me back the first day I demonstrated interest in a property. He set up a day of walkthroughs  and gave me his honest opinion of each property. When I decided on the place that I fell in love with, he expedited the offer and reassured me through the process. It's obvious by working with Chris that he loves his job, enjoys working with people, and has many years of experience. I would definitely work with Chris again!

Chris Garvey was there for us when we were selling and when we were buying. Chris’s knowledge of real estate, the local market and the way to market in today’s digital world really gave our home prime exposure. We received a fair value for our house thanks to Chris’ efforts in also letting other  local realtors know that the house was out there and available for a reasonable price. Because Chris had spent so much time with us as sellers, he also made the perfect real estate agent on the buying side. By the time we got to the house we bought, he was fully aware of what we needed in our final nesting place. He always found time to work with me and both of us are very busy. He introduced us to the possibility of a different location which we would not have looked at and as a result we found a wonderful home at our price.

Chris was an invaluable asset for purchasing my first ever multi-unit investment property. His knowledge of building codes and ability to spot both serious problems in a home and point out potential value-adding aspects sellers aren't highlighting is very useful, and if he doesn't know it, he  knows somebody who does. He has a Rolodex of real estate lawyers, mortgage originators, inspectors, contractors, and pretty much anyone you could possibly need to purchase and improve your home.


We toured over 15 properties, ranging in value from $700,000 to $1,300,000 in Wicker Park, Bucktown, River West, Lakeview, and Lincoln Park. He was always able to work within my schedule and never wasted my time (Unlike some of the Chicago realtors I've worked with before). I'm confident that the purchase I made will be a great investment. After some minor renovation I see no reason why it shouldn't cap out over 6.5%!

Compared to the standard Chicago realtor who doesn't know anything about the properties they are showing and are just in it for the commission, I couldn't recommend Chris more. I look forward to using him again to find new renters and my next property purchase.

Great, Patient, respectful , always on time, helpful, complete knowledge of the city, he sold my apartment and found also a new one for me in one week. He gave us lots of advice and was very clever in helping me with the appraisal of my sell.

Chris has been a great help and a pleasure to work with for the sale of our condo and the purchase of our house. He was always available, very responsive and thorough in his evaluation of properties. We can definitely recommend Chris to anyone looking for a smooth and turnkey selling and buying  process.

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