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Fun September Events

One of the highlight events of September in Oak Park is Oaktoberfest in Downtown Oak Park on September 14 & 15. Enjoy the music line up, there are delicious fall foods from local restaurants at food stands, specialty craft beers, and the Kids' Root Beer Garden. This was always a favorite for my family, because it features the Zucchini Races. So fun for the kids to put wooden wheels on a zucchini, decorate it with googley eyes and pipe cleaners, and then race it down a track!


While I love the Farmer’s Market from the minute it starts in May, I really enjoy it the most in September and October. It’s such a great Saturday activity as the Fall harvests start...running into friends or neighbors and discussing what you’ll do with your impulse buys is always fun.


An event set up to help prevent identity theft by shredding documents containing personal information is at the Public Works Center on Saturday Sept. 22 from 9am-12pm. Each household is limited to two bags or small boxes of items that contain personal information such as canceled checks, documents containing credit card numbers, social security numbers and medical information. It’s so super helpful and time saving for those of us with a janky old shredder that jams!


Watch the further adventures of Paddington 2 under the stars at Barrie Park on September 7th beginning at 8:30pm. Such a fun and free community event.

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